Side one with less bass
Side two with added bass


Pyral paper sleeve
Pyral paper sleeve


This Acetate Had An Article About It In Record Collector Magazine November 2016



I bought an acetate from eBay in 2006 of the first LP by The Clash. I paid £870 for it. The seller may have had links to The Clash as he sold a total of five acetates over a period of a few months. I have been a Clash fan for nearly 40 years and have never seen the acetate anywhere else.

Would you have any idea of value? Though I would never sell it… John Collins, via email


Along with the Sex Pistols, The Clash are one of the most collectable bands to emerge from punk, with even Top 40 singles – from the debut White Riot to the chart-topping Rock The Casbah – sought after by collectors worldwide. As with the Pistols, there is great interest amongst collectors in original acetates, cut to be played by the band, record companies or DJs before being cut and pressed on plastic.

As you are well aware, the debut LP by The Clash is considered a stone classic and original copies – with a red spot on the inner sleeve – are worth £80, while standard first pressings sell for up to £25. Thus, an acetate of the LP is easily worth £2,000 especially considering the album is approaching its 40th anniversary. I am intrigued that one side states “less bass” and the other states “added bass” and I’d be intrigued to discover if this is any different to the final issue of the LP.



Note- I have given the album another listen and yes, there is more bass on side two.